Queen Qandisa

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 I am Queen Qandisa

Fetish model/Actress. Dominatrix. Goddess.

I work hard at playing my hardest. I love being a strong Dominant Goddess. 

This is my reality. I'm here to forge a journey of my own design. To see just how far I can go, for myself. And to have all of the fun doing it.

I am a published professional model ,as well as,  professionally trained lifestyle and Pro-dominatrix located out of Orlando, FL. I have been modeling my entire life and featured in such works as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan,  'How to be Kinkier' by Lord Morpheous, poster model for Nude Nite 2013, various works by artist Echo-X, and Le Petit Alternative. I've had the pleasure of working with some of kinks finest riggers and photographers. I have been an active participant in the kink community beginning in 2009 and continue this journey today. 

Come and explore the dark, exotic, wild, and kinky world of Queen Qandisa. 



Photo by Kenny Lee Photography KLPhotos.com